Deploying to Netlify

After creating the skeleton of the site using blogdown, my first goal is to get it up and running on netlify, using a free domain name. After I’ve achieved that, I’ll consider a custom domain name (that will be another post..)

The blogdown book contains the basics to get started, but I seem to have hit an error when netlify tries to build the site. Maybe creating a basic walkthrough tutorial from R project to netlify site would be a useful contribution (once I’ve fixed the problem)

Update 1

Success! If you’re reading this, then I’ve solved the problem.

I’ll write a full post on how to go from project to netlify deployment, but in short, I had assumed that the default netlify - hugo build settings would work. In fact, in the netlify documentation it states that for using hugo versions 0.20 and above, you should add a build parameter HUGO_VERSION and the version you are using. You can find this using the blogdown::hugo_version() function.