Introduction to Helix

I once spent a few weeks trying to use Vim. I liked the principle of navigating and editing texts with commands.

CloudFormation Rules

CloudFormation Rules are a lesser known feature that allow you to validate parameters of CloudFormation templates.

Cold balls in squash

We all use the wrong ball Go to most squash clubs in the country and you’ll see the double yellow dot ball everywhere.

Squash Lesson Notes

Exercises to practice Stand midcourt on one side. Hit a high loop, then drop it using the new technique.

What is Spark?

What is Spark? Yesterday I completed the Data Camp Introduction to Sparklyr course.

The Visual Display of Quantative Information

The Visual Display of Quantative Information by Edward Tufte Summary Last weekend I was browsing my local when I was pleasantly surprised to come across “The Visual Display of Quantative Information” by Edward Tufte.

My Morning Routine

A Morning Routine Whilst listening to my usual parade of podcasts last week, I came across one discussing morning routines of “successful people”.

The Winning Mindset

“Think Positive”. I’ve heard it multiple times. It can make a big difference in what you’re doing.

Food vs "Food"

The majority of the food I eat (and enjoy), I wouldn’t have considered 5 years ago.

How to predict an election

Whilst the UK is digesting the results of the General Election this weekend, I went down a series of rabbit holes that led to this great article on how the exit polls are used to predict the election results.

Deploying to Netlify

After creating the skeleton of the site using blogdown, my first goal is to get it up and running on netlify, using a free domain name.