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Squash Lesson Notes

Exercises to practice

  1. Stand midcourt on one side. Hit a high loop, then drop it using the new technique.
    • Aim to practice dropping the ball with no back swing
    • Extension: practice hitting a high volley to the back with the same “no backswing” shot
  2. Practice fast hands by standing close to the front wall and hitting the ball up, then down off of the front wall.
    • Practice cutting the ball
    • Become familiar with hitting with no backswing

Things discussed

  • Using the outside cut
  • Dropping the ball by just stretching for it. No back swing
  • When volleying both sides, keep the swing shorter and more punchy. Move more slowly to arrive in time for the ball (not before)
  • Regardless of which foot you hit off, rotate to ensure you have options to hit both ways.

New dropshot technique

  • No backswing
  • reach out to touch the ball, then direct it in.
  • See Nick Matthew for an example.
  • Slightly rotate arm to apply cut