CSS For JS Course Review

I am often curious about other people’s experiences of courses. Is it useful? Is it engaging? Often, these experiences can be missing context of what the person’s goals and past experience are. I wanted to write a short review of a course I am enjoying, with context of my skills and goals. Hopefully it helps someone else 🙂

CSS For JS Devs is a new course aiming to help developers feel more comfortable with CSS. I am part way through the early release content, and I would strongly recommend it to other developers who would like a structured path for learning CSS.

I would describe myself as an beginner/intermediate front end developer. I can use a componenet library to create a website, but I’ve always struggled with CSS. Debugging CSS issues comprised of searching on stack overflow, trial and error, then giving up. My goal has been to improve at CSS, but I’ve never seen a clear path how to improve. Admittedly, it’s not something I battle against regularly, in part because I avoid it.

I am part way through the course, and already am much more confident with CSS. The course is a wonderful mix of mediums, including different types of challenge to make sure you have learnt the content. I found challenge based learning to be very effective, and it is perfectly done here. The course has been a great opportunity to develop mental models for the different aspects of CSS.

The course is in development, and due to be released in August/September time. You can register for updates on the CSS For JS Devs site.